Smartphone Friendly Nails

Watch this triptych online tutorial about how to do your own Smartphone Friendly Nails!

Video (3 Parts), total time 03:12 min, 2017

Are you tired of ugly fingerprints covering your several displays? Mhh, maybe thats why you should watch the following tutorial about how to do your own smartphone friendly nails!

You need:

  1. Do everything as you see it in the video!
  2. Choose a fake nail (the fake nail needs to be a little bit bigger than your real nail)
  3. Put adhesive tape on the inner side of the nail.
  4. Wrap tinfoil around the fake nail and let the tinfoil overlap at one side of the nail. The tinfoil will stick to the adhesive tape.
  5. Cram the cotton balls inside the overlapping tinfoil. Roll in the tinfoil from above into the nail. It can be useful to fix the rolled-up tinfoil in the inner side of the nail with some tip glue. To use your smartphone, tablet or whatever with a smartphone friendly nail you need a plain surface about 5mm. Be sure that there is a pillow similar plain surface under the nail out of cotton balls, coated with tinfoil!
  6. Put adhesive tape again in the inner side of the fake nail (over the tinfoil).
  7. You can now adjust the plain surface by pressing the nail on your phone in your individual required angle.
  8. Now stick the nail on your real nail. The Smartphone Friendly Nail needs to overlap your own nail (over the cuticle) to be conductive.

With a Smartphone friendly Nail you can scroll the mouse wheel as well!